PONOS Sports Clash Royale League



Leads as both director and player for PONOS Sports. He uploads his playing videos of Clash Royale on a daily base. He is good at combining several cards to make his deck. Inside his team, he teaches his teammates strategies, and thinks of the order of the tournament.

I’ll do my best to fill everybody’s expectation!

Past performance

2017 ”Clash Royal Japan Championship” top 8
2018 ”Clash Royale 20 win challenge” No1 record in the world



Fuchi is good at using all sorts of decks, and he is able to changes his strategy depending on his opponent. Using his experience from his world tournament, inside his team, he collects and analyzes data from in and outside the world.

We are going to the world!

Past performance

2017 “Clash Royale Japan Championship” Champion
2017 “Clash Royale World Championship” top 16



Although he is the youngest in his team, in the Japan Korea match, he represented Japan as a player. Inside his team, he takes daily pictures and post it on SNS. He is good at using a giant deck.

I’m going to be number one!

Past Performance

2017 ”Clash Royale Japan Championship” Top 8
2018 ”Toukaigi 2018 Clash Royale Japan vs Korea” represented Japan



Started Clash Royale since the release date. He keeps doing what he loves. He is good at using the three musketeers, has a wide range of decks. Inside his team he is energetic and makes a good atmosphere.

I will try to be a player whom everybody cheers for!

Past performance

2016 “1st Clan Championship” 2nd



A new teammate from the second season. He became the youngest of the team. His original player name was “Rola”, but becoming a pro, he renamed it to “rolaporon” from the player he respects “Isaporon”. While being young, last year in the Japan Championships he took 8th place in the elimination round. Also, in the “Toukaigi 2018 Japan Korea game”, he represented Japan with TENGOD and RAD from FAVgaming. He has very high expectations.

I’m going to be like match for a thousand.

Past Performance

2018 “Toukaigi Japan vs Korea” represented Japan


 The ideal team for PONOS SPORTS
Ponos sports will build a team through these six beliefs.
Putting Value in being good at games
We will enhance the credibility of gamers.
We will convey through our team that being good at games is a talent
To people who are not a professional
We will support people who isn’t a professional at games. For example if there is a student we would not want him to neglect his studying. If for adults, we will think of a vision for his future.
Growing together
We are a team that was just born.
Both the team and player will go for one and think of a system to grow together.
Never giving up
we are obviously a challenger
So, no matter how bad we look, we will finish strong.
We will enjoy the situation.
We will enjoy it so, we hope that everybody will
To be a team everybody loves
We will try to be a team everybody loves.
We believe that the world is filled with love.


What is Clash Royal League

“Clash Royale League Asia” is a tournament where including the four teams of Japan, there are 12 teams in the league. Each team has 4-6 “pro players”. The league system is a round robin, and the team that has a good result during the regular season will go to the playoffs. After that, the top team will go to the winter world tournament in winter.